Hotel Nexus Seattle - Seattle, WA, 98133

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Hotel Nexus Seattle
2140 N. Northgate Way
Seattle, WA, 98133
Call: 206-365-0700 / 800-435-0754 (Toll Free)


Stylish and business friendly North Seattle hotels

Combining a fresh and unique style with personal service and comfort, Hotel Nexus Seattle is the epitome of comfortable accommodations with a retro flair. Located in the hustle and bustle of north Seattle, we are undoubtedly one of the area’s favorites due to our affordable rates, and expansive list of amenities. Whether your trip to Seattle is for business or leisure, our Seattle hotel location offers easy access to I-5 and all points north and south with all of the amenities that you and your family need, including designated dog-friendly guestrooms (fee).